• Land Development Office, Land Administration Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government.

Organization Evolution*

organization evolution

The respective Sections and Offices are taking charge of the following issues:

Planning Section: 
The Planning Section takes charge of mid- and long-term land development programs, zone expropriation and land reconsolidation feasibility assessment, survey and selection of the applicable scopes, approval, promulgation and notices of mapped out programs, declaration for approval and promulgation of prohibitions and restrictions, superintendence over review of application for owners-reconsolidated land programs, engineering evaluation, inspection & acceptance, management over Funds for Equalization of Land Rights.

Distribution Section: 
The Distribution Section takes charge of land price investigation & assessment for zone expropriation, design for land distribution, liquidation & clearance of land rights, land related hand-over, payment of land price compensation, review and approval of application for land for expense offsets.

Engineering Section: 
The Engineering Section takes charge of planning, design, construction, superintendence over zone expropriation and land reconsolidation, land improvement or cemetery relocation and compensation, farming water channel renewal and maintenance.

Land Transactions Section: 
The Land Transactions Section takes charge of land deposition and management, management of differential land prices, financial liquidation, issuance of certificates and working out reports.

Surveying Section: 
The Survefying Section takes charge of cadastral map resurvey, surveying the development zones for the status quo ante, household land surveys, cadastral reorganization, and management over surveying machinery & equipment.

The Secretariat takes charge of research & evaluation, legal affairs, conferences, public relations, documentation, official seals, files, business affairs, cashier affairs, properties, employee management and business affairs not to be managed by other Sections, Offices.

Accounting Section : 
The Accounting Section is in charge of annual budget, accounting and statistics.

Personnel Section: 
The Personnel Section is in charge of personnel management.

Civil Service Ethics Section: 
The Civil Service Ethics Section is in charge of government ethics related affairs.

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